7 Reasons to Choose Dr. Truong for Your Breast Lift





Get the Breast Lift Results You Want


The appearance of your breasts can change over time due to a number of factors, taking on a saggy, deflated look. A breast lift raises and reshapes your existing breast tissue to restore a firm, perky profile that’s flattering yet completely natural, often in combination with resizing and centering the nipples and areola for a beautiful final result.

Dr. Truong uses special techniques to reduce scarring and make your result look as natural as possible. For some women, Dr. Truong may recommend including breast implants at the same time as your lift to restore fullness. In most cases, he can perform a combination lift plus implants as a one-stage procedure to minimize anesthesia and downtime.

From your first meeting and consultation, Dr. Truong will listen to your hopes for breast enhancement surgery closely to better understand the results you’d love to see. Dr. Truong has the technical expertise to create superior results, often exceeding patient expectations. While there are a number of breast surgeons practicing in the Chicago area, Dr. Truong has a strong reputation as one of the best around.



Real Breast Lift Before & After Pictures


Dr. Truong’s results speak for themselves, as can be seen in the before and after breast lift pictures in our photo gallery. Dr. Truong has a firm policy of only posting unedited images that use the same camera, lighting and pose for both before and after shot for easy comparison. Disclaimer: Keep in mind that these are sample results. There's no guarantee of specific results and your results can vary.



Breast Enhancement Expertise & Artistry


Dr. Truong

Not only is Dr. Truong board certified by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, but he was also voted one of America’s Top Surgeons by the Consumers’ Research Council of America. In addition to extensive training in aesthetic plastic surgery, Dr. Truong has also completed fellowships in cosmetic surgery and reconstructive burn injury treatment.

Known primarily as a breast enhancement specialist, Dr. Truong has performed hundreds of breast lifts, both with and without breast implants. Dr. Truong is also a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.




Rave Reviews


Dr. Truong’s patients are his best advocates, and the connection he establishes with each and every one comes through loud and clear in his cosmetic surgery reviews.

Disclaimer: This is just one review and may not be representative of all patient experiences. There's no guarantee of specific results and your results can vary. We encourage you to read more reviews of Dr. Truong and our practice before deciding on coming in for a consultation.

I had breast surgery with Dr. Truong and I was very pleased and happy with my results and with how they looked and felt. I loved their staff and how fast, kind and accurate they were. Love Lve Love them!!!I highly recommend them!








Dr. Truong’s reputation is sterling not only among his patients, but also among his peers. His patient roster includes those with a medical background, such as nurses and operating room technicians, as well as spouses of physicians and doctors themselves. Dr. Truong says knowing that those who have seen his operating room skills firsthand have then come to him for their own procedure is "the greatest compliment a surgeon can get!"

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    Monika Imsirovic, Practice Manager & Patient Coordinator



Cost, Financing & Payment Plans For Breast Lift Surgery


The average cost of a breast lift surgery in Chicago is between $8,000 up to $11,000 or more depending on your surgeon, location and sometimes the complexity of your case. For women who are interested in breast lift surgery yet have concerns about the cost, we offer CareCredit and other financing options that make achieving beautiful results even more affordable within any budget. We also run specials from time to time so make sure to check our specials page.



Get a Comprehensive
Breast Lift Consultation


Dr. Truong offers a thorough and comprehensive consultation where you can get the details on all of your cosmetic options for your breast lift surgery. He’ll take the time to answer each and every one of your questions.


What to Expect

When most women think about improving their breast appearance, they often think going larger with breast implants is their only choice. In reality, many women can see significant improvement in their silhouette from a breast lift alone, although including implants at the same time can offer an extra boost as well.

Your Consultation

Seeing the best possible breast lift results begins with a consultation with Dr. Truong. During this time, you can talk about the improvements you’d like to see in your figure, and he can advise you on the breast enhancement procedure he feels will best help you meet those goals. This may mean a breast lift performed on its own, or a combination of breast lift plus implants, depending on your hopes for surgery.

Dr. Truong will also go over additional details about what the surgery entails, and what you can expect from your results. Finally, you’ll be given more specific information on what to expect before, during and after your surgery, including tips for a comfortable recovery.

Preparing for Your Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery normally takes about 2 hours, although this time may vary somewhat depending on whether implants are included at the same time. In some instances, such as for women getting a mommy makeover, a breast lift may be combined with additional procedures that can further affect the length of your surgery. In either case, you can plan on heading home the same day as your surgery without expecting an overnight stay.

Recovery & Results

After your breast lift, your breasts may feel sore at first, and tight or stretched, particularly if a combination breast augmentation and lift was performed. As swelling decreases, your new look will become gradually more noticeable.

Your final results should be visible by about 6 months after surgery, with younger-looking breasts that appear perkier and feel firmer, and that have centered, forward-pointing nipples and proportionate areola for a new look that’s all you, only better.